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The deeper problem is the way DOD interacts and structures contracts. Congress continues to give the pentagon more money than they ask for each year. Capabilities could be dramatically increased under current funding levels by improving readiness and maintence schedules, and not carrying failed procurement contracts past the point of no return.

While I agree spending as a case of GDP is an interesting metric to look at, it oversimplifies the problem. The underlying issues that lead to the lack of preparedness across DOD are largely a symptom of how it functions: you can't give more money to an organization that can't pass its own audit and expect your problems to be fixed. You could even make the case that simply throwing more money at the problems in an effort to make them go away exacerbates the problems and further intrenches them.

There's no point in spending more money until we figure out the way to make sure that spending is spent wisely and not wasted.

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